Characters in Horror Stories – A Panel Discussion with Horror Authors

Characters in horror stories often claw into their innermost depths, wrestling with personal demons. They crash into shattering fears and crumble beneath insurmountable odds. We witness the characters’ deepest agonies and watch them face situations no person should have to endure.

As an author, how do we craft characters who are realistic, vivid, and memorable? As readers, what do we crave in a character in a horror story?

Come explore the topic of horror characters with four amazing horror authors!

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This horror panel discussion is moderated by Lisa Shea.

Jason Parent Horror Author Interview – The Apocalypse Strain

Jason Parent is a talented author of horror, mystery, and science fiction. He has published numerous books, novellas, and short stories. Come delve into how he crafts his environments, creates his characters, and builds the fascinating worlds which earn countless 5-star reviews.

A few of his books:

The Apocalypse Strain

They Feed

What Hides Within

Seeing Evil

White Trash and Dirty Dingoes

You can learn more about Jason on his webpage:

Curtis Lawson Horror Author Interview – Black Heart Boys’ Choir

Curtis Lawson is a talented and insightful horror author. In this interview he discusses his motivations, his process for writing horror, and he provides practical advice for horror writers who want to make progress in their craft.

Curtis has written a number of powerful books including:

The Devoured

It’s a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World

To Kill an Archangel: Bad World 2

Black Heart Boys’ Choir

Black Pantheons

Some of the inspirations Curtis mentions during the course of this interview include:
HP Lovecraft
Clyve Barker
Matthew Bartlett
Jeffrey Thomas
John Langan
Frank Miller
Sam Kieth
Neil Gaiman
Brian Michael Bendis
John Carpenter
Wes Craven

Thank you to Curtis for making time for this insightful interview!

Trisha Wooldridge Interview – Horror Author and Poet

Trisha Wooldridge is an amazingly talented author, poet, editor, and human being. She has written a library of works as well as overseen a number of horror compilation projects. In this interview, Trisha offers astute advice and wisdom for anyone hoping to submit to a publication or publisher. She explores the appeal of horror in our modern times. She also discusses several of her own award-winning works.

Some of the fellow writers Trisha mentions during the course of this interview include:

Hillary Monahan
Wrath James White
Stephen King
Cat Skully
Linda Addison
Stephanie Wytovich

Trisha highly recommends learning more about the New England Horror Writers. A blog post on this NEHW page goes into detail about how to best submit for a compilation or publishing task of any kind. It is well worth reading.

A few compilations featuring Trisha include:

Trisha can be contacted online here:

Support Trisha here:

Thomas Hollyday Interview – Author of Horror Novel Enemy

Masterful! Relish this discussion with horror author Thomas Hollyday about how he crafts his atmospheric scenes set in the Chesapeake Bay of Maryland!

About the book:

An idealistic woman and a pragmatic man are horrified as their beloved Chesapeake Bay town faces cataclysmic destruction. Will River Sunday, Maryland be overrun by a heinous threat triggered by a climate catastrophe? It will take the entire town coming together to offer even the slimmest chance of finding a path through.

Andrew Boylan Interview – Author of Horror Novel Sacrifice

Enjoy this interview with Andrew Boylan – talented author of the horror novel Sacrifice.

Book notes:

A filmmaker down on his luck.

A desert town full of secrets.

An ancient cult reborn.

After a decade of failure in Hollywood, Benny Hernandez has run out of money and options. No matter how bad the times have gotten he can’t imagine ever going home again. The small, desert town where Benny grew-up holds nothing but nightmares that he still hasn’t entirely awoken from.

Late one night, his old, high school girlfriend, Diana Armijo, calls begging for help. She believes the cult they escaped years ago has resurfaced in the mountain village nearby.

Can Benny face the demons of his past to tell the story of a lifetime?

If you like stories about ancient mysteries and desert towns plagued by evil than you will love Andrew Boylan’s tale of psychological terror.