Trisha Wooldridge Interview – Horror Author and Poet

Trisha Wooldridge is an amazingly talented author, poet, editor, and human being. She has written a library of works as well as overseen a number of horror compilation projects. In this interview, Trisha offers astute advice and wisdom for anyone hoping to submit to a publication or publisher. She explores the appeal of horror in our modern times. She also discusses several of her own award-winning works.

Some of the fellow writers Trisha mentions during the course of this interview include:

Hillary Monahan
Wrath James White
Stephen King
Cat Skully
Linda Addison
Stephanie Wytovich

Trisha highly recommends learning more about the New England Horror Writers. A blog post on this NEHW page goes into detail about how to best submit for a compilation or publishing task of any kind. It is well worth reading.

A few compilations featuring Trisha include:

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